Kukucka Photography Fine Arts Exhibit - LA
Friday, July 26, 2019
Kukucka Photography Fine Arts Exhibit - LA

Kukucka Photography Fine Arts Exhibit - Los Angeles Today is the day my show comes down at the Betsy Lueke Creative Arts Center in Los Angeles. I was honored to have 40 of my photographs on their walls for the month of July, and I can't begin to say how much this exhibit has meant to me. Even (and especially!) when the 6.5 earthquake hit in the middle of the opening reception!  :)I've been a photographer for too many years to count. Actually, I hear that they found a roll of film in my hand when I was born, but there is no proof of that written on my birth certificate. I have been passionate about photography, and being a photographer ever since I picked up my first camera when I ...

Stephanie and Anna - LGBTQ Weddings in Pittsburgh
Monday, July 15, 2019
Kukucka Photography Fine Arts Exhibit - LA

Anna and Stephanie - LGTBQ Weddings in Pittsburgh - Kukucka Photography It's been a while since I photographed a wedding here in Pittsburgh. I tend to do more LGBTQ and non-traditional weddings these days, and I love the personal touches I see at these events.Stephanie and Anna's wedding at James Gallery was no exception, as the theme of their ceremony and celebration was bridges. Not just because the wedding was held in Pittsburgh, the city of bridges - but rather to recognize the bridges it sometimes takes our hearts, to meet in a place where there is only love. I thought it was a lovely gesture, and so did everyone there.Some favorite moments from this wedding: I loved the ...

LGBT Weddings and Adoptions - Kukucka Photography - Pittsburgh
Monday, May 13, 2019
Kukucka Photography Fine Arts Exhibit - LA

Skyler found his family.  Jen and Patty found their heart. I had the honor of photographing an adoption proceeding for a couple whose wedding I photographed a couple of years ago. This wasn't just any adoption proceeding, though. It was a proceeding that made the challenge of growing up gay in the 70's worth every rock thrown and every name called.Skyler is the blessed soul who is officially, legally, the son of an amazing couple who I'm privileged to know, Patty and Jen. They have waited for Sky since long before he arrived - and even their wedding day took into consideration the child they would one day have. That day finally came.Not only are Patty and Jen a lesbian couple, legally ...

Pittsburgh, I'm Coming Home.
Wednesday, April 03, 2019
Kukucka Photography Fine Arts Exhibit - LA

A review of my time in Los Angeles - Kukucka Photography Well, I never expected to write this post so soon after arriving in LA, but it seems that this is one of those life experiences where you just kind of know you're truly along for the ride. Just when you think you should turn right, you find yourself veering left, and you realize that your hands aren't even on the wheel - if they ever really were. You know something more profound is happening that doesn't have anything to do with a place or a decision. You're on an adventure that you can't fully prepare for in advance. You just have to make the choice to begin (or not). And once you do (or not) you have to let go of the wheel and ...

Agape Spiritual Center, Los Angeles - Kukucka Photography
Wednesday, March 20, 2019
Kukucka Photography Fine Arts Exhibit - LA

Agape Spiritual Center, Los Angeles Since I arrived in Los Angeles a few months ago I've been offering my talents as a volunteer photographer to a few places I believe in - and one of those places is the Agape Spiritual Center in Los Angeles.When I lived here in the early 2000's, I used to attend every service I could attend - and when I moved to Pittsburgh I would livestream every chance I could. And when I couldn't livestream I would view the archives. Anything to get my shot of spiritual expresso, as only Michael Bernard Beckwith can deliver.How blessed am I that I now get to photograph the services, which is such an honor for me. Not only do I especially feel like I'm God's camera ...